SHS Spectator Expectations and Guidelines

Please click here for SHS Spectator Expectations and Guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic.

The following is a copy of the notice that is posted on the stadium and softball venues and will apply for all sports while there are CHSAA-mandated restrictions with regard to the coronavirus.



We are excited to have the opportunity to play high school sports!  In order to maintain that privilege, we will follow State of Colorado, CHSAA and Weld RE4 guidelines.  We ask that you, our spectators, do the same.  DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, THE ITEMS IN BOLD WILL BE ENFORCED.

  • Capacity for the stadium/softball/tennis complexes is 175 people at each site, including players, coaches, official and spectators.  Once capacity is met, no furhter spectators will be admitted.
  • All spectator and game workers must wear a mask at all times.
  • Social distance must be maintained.  Those living in the same household may sit together, all others must be at least 6 feet apart.
  • If sitting in the bleachers, you must maintain social distance between groups of spectators to ensure the 6 foot minimum distance is followed.
  • Severance High School expects positive behavior and good sportsmanship at all times.  Our athletes, the coaches, the officials and our community deserve nothing less.  These athletes and the coaches spend countless hours working on their sport so that they have the opportunity to represent their school and themselves with pride during competition.  Please set the good example with postivie behavior and good sportsmanship!
  • As Silver Knights, we teach our students to uphold the virtues and values of knighthood.  This includes being gracious hosts and treating all of our visitors with respect and fairness.  Please cheer for our team, but do not disparage or disrespect the visiting team.  Respect and acknowledge good plays on both sides.  Do not single out opposing players or coaches for any type of negative comment or treatment.  In short, treat opposing players with the same type of grace and dignity we want our players to be accorded when they are on the field of competition, at home or on the road.
  • Be LOUD, be POSTIVE, be SUPPORTIVE!  Help us to create an atmosphere that is fun to be at for our athletes and, in a respectful manner, intimidating for the opposing team to come to.
  • Allow the athletes to be coached by their coach.  Let our coaches coach and the officials officiate.  Enjoy their performance without being critical of their play or of the coaching from the sidelines.  Love your students no matter the outcome of the game or how they played.  Remember, at the end of the day, this is just a game.  Your students would love to hear from you “I love to watch you play,” regardless of the final score or their personal statistics.
  • If you feel you must address something with the coach or Athletic Director, please follow the 24 hour rule and address it the following day.  Immediately after the game, on the field or court in front of others, while emotions may be high for all involved, is not the time or place to address sensitive issues.  Take the opportunity to gather your thoughts, take some notes, and address your concerns in a private meeting, where resolution is more likely to happen in a productive fashion.
  • Most of all, have fun, and help our student body and athletes to have fun!  Creating a culture of positivity and respect is our goal, and we can’t achieve it without you!!

Thank you for being here and supporting both teams as they play a game they love!