Silver Knights News · Spectators for Season C: volleyball and boys soccer

As we start competition for season C, we thought it would be a good idea to address what our fans can expect with regards to the number of spectators allowed at home or on the road, and what admission fees might be.

For away games, it will totally be up to the host school or school district.  Some are allowing fans from outside their district and some are not.  We will communicate that information, including any entry fee, as it is shared with us by the host schools.

For home games, this is what you can expect:

BSOC:  We will start JV at 4:30 pm, varsity at 6:30 pm on weeknights, and 10:00 am for jv and noon for varsity on Saturdays.  For spectators, we will allow a maximum of 175 fans total, all on the east side bleachers.  All fans will sign a list (home or away), and pay a $5 entry fee for school aged children and up – no ticket is needed.  We guarantee 75 home fans, and 50 visiting fans.  Once either or both lists hit their guaranteed minimum, we will have another list for the last 50 fans.

VB:  On weeknights, we will play jv in the main gym, c team in the aux gym, both at 4:30 pm, followed by varsity in the main gym no earlier than 6:00 pm.  On Saturdays, game times will be 10:00 am/10:00 am/11:30 am.    For spectators, we are limited to a maximum of 100 fans in our main gym per game; we will empty the gym between jv and varsity to clean and sanitize, then bring fans back for the varsity game.  For c team games, we will allow two fans per player, up to 24 tickets.  Fans will be charged $5 entry to the main gym for school aged children and older.  Fans will need a ticket to each game they will attend.  Main gym tickets will be distributed in the following manner: 36 tickets to visiting teams, 54 to Severance fans, with any extra going to SHS student section and/or press.  Visiting tickets (24 for,c team, 36 each for jv and V) will be delivered early in the week of our games.  Home team tickets will be given to the players by their respective coaches a fee days prior to their games.  All fans will sit in the east bleachers, with visiting fans across from their team and SHS fans in the center section and across from our team.

All of our home games will be live streamed on one of our YouTube channels, either Severance HS Athletics (all main gym games) or Severance HS Athletics 2 (aux gym games or outdoor games).  Please consider subscrbing to them.