Silver Knights News · Home athletic events for Severance High school

For the remainder of Season B, Severance High School will continue with the same plan that we have used to date this winter season.

A limited number of home fans will be allowed to attend events in person.  Tickets will be distributed by the coach to players for each event, depending on the event, and the capacity of the venue taking social distancing into account.  Those tickets will get you to the door, where you may be charged a $5 entry fee if the event is a varsity event or tied to a varsity event.  No visiting fans will be allowed entry to our home events.  Our plan was made after reading CDPHE guidance and consulting with Weld County Health Department and the Weld RE4 School District office.  The main goal of our plan is to maximize the chances of our sports teams to get through the entire sports season without having to quarantine an entire team, while also allowing families to watch their athletes in person on a limited basis.

For those home and visiting fans who are not able to attend, we will live stream our athletic events.  In the main gym, we have an installed camera that provides a live feed to our YouTube channel, Severance HS Athletics.  When possible, this live streaming of our varisty events will be done for free.  There may be some circumstances, such as state post-season events, where that might not be possible.  For any of the events in the auxiliary gym, we do not have an installed camera.  We do, however, have a second YouTube channel (Severance HS Athleteics 2) and will be able to stream games from there using a remote camera, for no charge as well.

Thank you for your patience and your support as we navigate the challenging circumstances we are dealing with this school year!