Silver Knights News · New athletic fees for Weld RE4 sports

The Weld RE4 school board recently approved an increase in the athletic fee for high school athletes.  The new fees, which are in line with most other school districts in the region, are as follows:
Weld RE4 students (SHS, WHS, Inspire online):
   $200 for football, $150 for all other sports
Out of district, homeschool and WCA students:
   $300 for football, $225 for all other sports
For the last several years, the fee for high school sports has been $125 for football and $75 for all other sports.  This fee was to help offset the costs associated with high school sports, primarily officials fees, tournament entry fees, uniforms and equipment.  Transportation, however, was not a cost that the high school athletic departments had to account for.
Due to a restructuring in how the Weld RE4 school district is addressing transportation, the high school athletic departments now have to cover transportation costs for all sports.  The $75 fee increase will go directly towards the transportation costs that are associated with our sport offerings.
Though there is a “pay to play” fee for athletics, that fee does not cover all of the expenses incurred by the high school athletic departments.  The Weld RE4 school district subsidizes the remaining costs as a benefit for our students.  The additional increase of athletic fees charged to out of district athletes is to help offset some of those costs for those students who do not attend one of our three RE4 high schools.