Silver Knights News · Return to Sports for SHS and Weld RE4 School District

Parents and students,

Navigating plans during the coronavirus pandemic has included planning for how students will participate in athletics this year. In June, our high school athletic directors worked together to create parameters to keep student athletes safe while allowing them to prepare for a potential fall season ahead. These parameters were based on guidelines from the National Federation of State High School Associations and the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA). 

The first phase—1A Return to Practice—involved strength and conditioning and began the week of June 15 for groups of 10 or fewer athletes. Phase 1A was intended to help schools, teams, and athletes become familiar with the protocols in place to keep them safe. We have since moved on to groups of 25 in Phase 1B.

Beginning the week of July 20, teams at Windsor High School and Severance High School can move into Phase 2—Sport Specific Instruction. Rules for this phase are listed below. Individual sport schedules will be released from coaches to participating athletes. Participating in any activity at this time is voluntary. Athletes are not required to participate in order to play a sport during the season.

We anticipate remaining in Phase 2 until we move to Phase 3 when official practices start (i.e., August 3 for golf and August 10 for all other fall sports). In Phase 3, our high schools will follow the guidance and direction provided by CHSAA. During Phase 3, participation is required to take part in the season.

Student health and safety is our first priority. Please anticipate that modifications to athletics will be made if required by local, state, or federal guidelines implemented to ensure the health of our students, coaches, and community.

Thanks for your support.


Ernie Derrera                                                 Eric Johnson

Athletic Director                                           Athletic Director

Severance High School                               Windsor High School


Sport Specific Instruction (PHASE 2)

Limitations & Rules 

  • Sessions for sport specific instruction may be conducted by school coaches for students in grades 9-12 from that coach’s attendance zone. 
  • Sessions may be conducted in addition to the strength and conditioning session(s), and a student shall attend no more than 2 hours per day of sport specific skill instruction/strength and conditioning in total, Monday through Friday. 
  • Sport specific skill sessions may include specific sports equipment, but contact equipment (helmets, pads, sleds, tackling dummies, etc.) is not allowed. 
  • Competitive drills involving one or more students on offense against one or more students on defense may be conducted, up to 7 on 7, without physical contact at any time.  Groups must still be 25 or fewer and cohorts must remain together.
  • Students and staff must maintain at least six feet of distance from all sides when not actively exercising. 
  • Schools should limit the total number of participants based on available space to allow for the appropriate distancing between students, staff, and groups. 
  • Students may be placed in working groups no larger than 25 total students. Once assigned to a group/cohort, athletes will remain with that group until the end of the phase. Each working group should maintain appropriate distance from other working groups. 
  • Any equipment, such as sports balls, should be regularly disinfected during workout sessions and must be sanitized at the end of any workout. This equipment must not be shared between workout groups. After a group has used such equipment, that equipment must be thoroughly disinfected before being used by a different group. 
  • More than one group of 25 participants may be at the same outdoor site at the same time, provided that proper supervision and distancing measures are in place and followed. If there is no supervision for a workout group, then that group must not be allowed to practice until the coach can be present. Indoor spaces will have a cap of 12 athletes and one coach per gym during this phase.
  • Weight room – Cannot do heavy lifting that requires a spotter (high rep/low weight), however, lifts should still be observed by a coach or lifting partner.  Emphasis SHOULD NOT be placed on doing maximum weight lifts. Sanitize as students move from one machine to the next. Free weights may be taken outside to increase numbers and should be brought back inside and sanitized after each use.