Silver Knights News · CHSAA spring sports season canceled – what’s next?

With the announcement from the Colorado Governor’s office coming out Monday night that in-person schooling will not happen for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year, as confirmed by Weld RE4 Superintendent Dan Seegmiller in an email to parents on Tuesday morning, the Colorado High School Activities Association has made the difficult decision to cancel “all performances, festivals, competitions, regular season and culminating CHSAA-sanctioned spring activities and athletics for the remainder of the 2020 season, ending on June 1.”

This means that there will be no formal or informal practices or activities at the team or small-group level for Severance High School students until at least June 2, depending on further information from the Governor’s office and the Weld RE-4 Superintendent’s office.

You can read the story here.

Below are some questions (and their answers) that you might have:

What does that mean for current high school students and incoming freshmen?  Well, SHS coaches can, and will, be reaching out to you by email, text, social media or phone calls to check on your well-being.  They can also reach out to engage in online social activity that falls in line with district and state guidelines for social distancing.  This can begin immediately for current SHS students and on May 1 for incoming freshmen who are currently pre-registered to attend SHS.

Will there be refunds for spring sports participation fees?   Our school will be providing cash refunds for fees that were paid for activities, events, or athletics that were canceled this spring. As we review refunds that are due to individual families, we will first apply the refund to any outstanding student fees that have not yet been paid but are still due. If there is a balance, you will be notified that your refund is available for pick-up.

Cash refunds can be collected when students come to retrieve personal items at our school. We will also notify you of other future opportunities for pickup. When picking up refunds, please bring a valid ID and wear a mask to protect yourself and our staff.  Any fees that have not been collected by June 1, 2020 will be considered a donation and will be used by our school in the future to fund student activities. Please note that fee refunds cannot be “rolled-over” for future use at our school or any other school in our district.

Can athletes work out?  Can coaches provide us with workouts?  Coaches can create individual workouts that can be done at an athlete’s home.  Those workouts can be posted, but those workouts are entirely voluntary.  Coaches cannot mandate that athletes perform any workouts during this time.

What about Cheer and Dance tryouts?  Both teams typically have their tryouts in late spring.  With the current crisis preventing normally scheduled tryouts, those tryouts will have to happen at a later time, once health officials, the Governor’s office and our Superintendent have deemed is safe for us to resume normal activities at SHS.

What about club sports – can we participate in those before June 1?  Though CHSAA and SHS do not restrict your participation in club sports, it is highly recommended, for your safety and the safety of the community, that you refrain from any activity that does not meet the social distancing guidelines set out by our public officials.

Will we be able to participate in summer activities with our school teams?  Once we have more information and our health care and government officials determine that it is safe to resume normal activities, we will continue with regularly scheduled or modified summer plans for SHS teams.  SHS coaches discussed those plans in a recent staff meeting – they are just as excited to get back to their sports as our athletes are!

What about fall sports – will those be canceled too?  At this time, we hope that fall sports will happen as normally scheduled.  Of course, that fully depends on the conditions of our state, the recommendations of CHSAA and the Weld County Health officials regarding the novel coronavirus, and the decision of our Weld RE-4 Superintendent.  But we hope that by that time, we will have the ability to return to our daily lives with some sense of normalcy.















Updated May 1, 2020 at 3:00 pm