Boys Junior Varsity Soccer · Silver Knights earn a 2-2 draw against Frontier Academy

In game 1 of 2 against Frontier Academy this week, the score ended at 2-2. Following the best first half of the season against Liberty Common last Thursday, the Silver Knights came out and played their most sluggish first half of the season. The urgency and dedication necessary to find victory at this level was not present on Monday evening. This is a young Severance soccer team that is still learning how to motivate themselves and each other during the grind of a game (or a season). Severance showed their age on Monday.

Frontier came out as the aggressors from the start. The Silver Knights showed flashes of individual brilliance, but failed to do the little things needed to dictate play. From winning second balls to making sound tackles to making simple passes, Severance struggled to find their rhythm in the first half. Frontier went into halftime up 1-0.

After a heated halftime talk, the Silver Knights returned to the field with a little pep in their step. After a strong defensive pressing effort, Tyler DiPietro picked the ball up about 30 yards away from goal and, smartly, decided to have a go. Tyler’s shot found the back of the net after sailing past the goalkeeper’s outstretched arms. Shortly after the goal, Severance woke up. Tyler quickly made it 2-1 after an excellent passing move that started with Luis (Daniel) Saenz in the midfield. Instead of panicking with the ball, Daniel Luis found a streaking Jovanny Gonzales with a well picked ball. From there, Jovanny found Tyler on a through ball. Tyler did the rest from there by rounding the keeper with a powerful close-range shot. After displaying great defensive in the second half, the Silver Knights allowed a very soft goal after not applying pressure to the ball. #19 from Frontier took his time and picked a long range shot to beat the diving arms of Phil Vigil. Phil made a number of nice saves during the course of the game, and is earning the respect of his teammates with his play.

After 80 minutes, it was tied at 2-2. The game went to a five minute overtime session, SHS’s first of the season. The next five minutes turned out to be Severance’s best of the game. After coming close a number of times, Severance saw the time run out on what would have been a sweet victory. Kaden Savageau had a particularly nice performance in the OT period and the last ten minutes of regular time. Keep working hard, Kaden.

Man of the Match in this one goes to Tyler DiPietro. Tyler grabbed another brace on the season and worked his tail off for the team. Tyler’s defensive effort as a forward is not going unnoticed, and has provided the team with numerous chances from an attacking perspective as a result. Great work, Tyler! The Silver Knights move to 5-4-1 on the season and will get a second crack at victory when they travel to Frontier for a 5:30 game on Thursday night.